You can finally have it Digit-ALL!

Financial services need not be frustrating.

Whether it’s an application, claims, premiums, or receiving a service through thanks to your insurance cover. We’ve covered ALL our bases so you can breeze through most of these processes. They will not just be digital solutions. We're offering a Digit-ALL solution.

By UAP Old Mutual Group

As UAP Old Mutual, we have several digital products and new services that will make life a lot more bearable during this pandemic so that you can go about your day in a more comfortable way.

These services will provide innovative benefits such as at-your-doorstep medical services that will reduce your trips to the health facilities as well as, new investment solutions that will make claiming and signing up among other features for services as easy as A B C.

Arifa for your saving and investment needs:

While the unforeseeable future is blurrier now than ever, saving and investing for it is a good way to prepare for any possible outcome. We believe that saving and investing shouldn’t be a hassle, therefore, allow us to guide you through it with ease. You can now interact with us through Arifa, who is accessible through Facebook Messenger and makes it easier to make inquiries on your investment account.  This service allows you to file a claim, request a call back on your policy status, sign up for a new desired product, check and top up your investment account, new customer authentication that requires signatures and photos as well as customer advice. All without having to leave the safety of your home! Arifa is an aide to our USSD number *480# which can be dialled through any Safaricom number. Not only can you send in digital media such as pictures to Arifa, but you can access it through any digital device without worrying about which service provider covers it, so long as you have a Facebook account!

Digit-ALL Medical services

Our medical services will ensure that you can access professional assistance while staying home, readily, through your phone, tablet, or computer. These services include Tele-medicine, Meds on wheels, and Tele-Counselling.

In response to hospitals putting most of their resources and attention towards fighting COVID-19, we decided to bring medical consultation to you and ensure that you can have easy access to quality medical care from wherever you are. This is where Tele-medicine comes in handy. UAP has partnered with One Stop pharmacy to offer you medical advice through video conferencing platforms Zoom and Whatsapp, as well as written prescriptions if necessary. You can access this service by calling One-stop Pharmacy on 0753 000101/ 0753 000101 to book an appointment with one of their medical doctors from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Consultation is charged at only 500/= shillings and is covered by your UAP health insurance.

Need to talk to someone about what’s on your mind? Through our Tele-Counselling services, you can receive therapy from a certified psychologist. Call us at 0722 626 590 and we’ll book your appointment at a discounted cost of Ksh. 2000 per session, which is fully covered by your UAP Old Mutual medical card. You can have your session through zoom, WhatsApp, duo, or whichever platform is convenient for you. Taking care of yourself ensures you can take care of others better.

What about prescriptions you ask? We got you covered from start to finish! Get your short term and long-term medication via our Meds on wheels service. Leave the pharmacy trips to us; we’ll ensure that your medication reaches you in good time within Nairobi. Get this, delivery is free of charge! Send your prescription to our Whatsapp number 0704 434 343 or 0711 065 689 or email us on This could even be better, if you receive a prescription from our Tele-medicine service, your drugs will be dispensed as billed and delivered immediately to you hassle-free!

We hope these services will support you through this pandemic and in the future as we embrace a new changing world. It is our mission to ensure we meet your needs through it all.

We are here for you.



Fund Prices
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Daily Yield : 7.09%  Annual Rate: 7.33%
Old Mutual Equity Fund Buying Price: 388.75  Selling Price: 388.75
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Buying Price: 146.02  Selling Price: 146.02
Old Mutual Bond Fund Buying Price: 100.17  Selling Price: 100.17

Fund Prices

Fund Prices at 26th October 2021

Fund Name Currency Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shillings 7.09% 7.33%
Fund Name Currency Buying Price Selling Price
Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 388.75 388.75
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shillings 146.02 146.02
Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shillings 100.17 100.17

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