Excellent travel destinations this December Holiday

2020 has been many things to different people, and if you’re looking for therapeutic ways to relax and ease your mind this December, then travelling is surely a great option.

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Excellent travel destinations this December Holiday

Travelling goes beyond expanding your horizons. Every experience you enjoy comes packed with life lessons, a boost of confidence and a better understanding of yourself.

In this article, we have compiled exciting travel destinations that you and your family could consider if you’re looking to make great memories before calling it a wrap. Let’s jump right in!

Germany-Christmas markets.

Do you love travelling to Germany? Then start practising your German because the German Christmas markets are a spectacle year in year out. You’ll find history-rich buildings, all decorated in endless chains of Christmas lights, the atmosphere filled with the tantalizing aroma of sugar and spice. The Santa clause village in Lapland, Finland hosts Santa clause and his deer-powered sleigh ride, and they will graciously offer you the opportunity to spend a night in their ice igloo. And if you’re lucky, you could get a sip or more of some mulled wine!

Brazil- Revellion

Put on your dancing shoes as you head to Brazil because Rio de Janeiro Copacabana beach hosts epic New Year parties you’d love. Picture a 4km of beach, pumping music from top-performing bands in Brazil, followed by a fireworks show when the clock strikes midnight.

Tamworth-Country music festivals

Tamworth, in New South Wales, hosts the second largest country music festival in the world after Nashville. Each day, over 50,000 people visit to witness over 2800 events split into 80 venues. The icing on the cake is the country music award ceremony called Golden Guitar Awards.

Lake Baikal-Siberia

This lake holds 20% of the world freshwater. It’s stunning in the summer, but during winter, it sheds off its shyness and seems to beckon you to explore its deep freezing waters. Standing on the ice, you can see up to 40m into its bowels. You can also explore the lake on foot and hovercraft. The hidden secrets on its shores are the Siberian villages and the local cuisine.

La Feria de Cali-Colombia

This is a week-long affair in Colombia where the locals celebrate their cultural identity over five days. It involves bullfighting, salsa dancing, beauty pageants, dazzling costumes and tropical music, and event that attracts tourists from all over.

Whirling Dervishes Festivals-Turkey

The whirling dervishes is a dance cloaked in mystery. It’s a worship dance practised by the Mevlevi order in Islam. It symbolizes the universe and is backed up by a live orchestra, and a chanting chorus. Over December, the Whirling Dervishes Festivals attracts people from all over the world to participate.

Before you go,

Remember that these festivals may have been scaled down due to social distancing rules. Be safe and remember to get your TravelSure Insurance for all your travels.

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