Mental Health Tips: Be kind to your Mind

The terms stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably yet can manifest differently in each individual. Stress is how our mind responds to external forces such as work deadlines and can lead to anxiety. 


On the other hand, anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, or unease. With the current events around the world, it is easy to feel the two. Stress and anxiety may manifest as eating more or less than usual, panic, and can even cause sleep problems.  To be able to cope with stress and anxiety here is what you can do:

Focus on what your control

There is only so much you can do to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. This can be wearing masks when you go out and when in enclosed spaces, washing your hands and sanitizing regularly, wiping down surfaces such as doorknobs with disinfectants, and social distancing for your peace of mind. In the unfortunate event you get infected, take steps given by the Ministry of Health to protect your family.

Set goals for each day.

Some days may just seem harder than others. By setting smaller goals to accomplish each day, you motivate yourself to work through the day.  The goals can be something mundane such as rearranging your wardrobe or something as important as finishing up on your pitch document. The goals have to mean something to you in some way and keep you busy. By staying busy, you keep off your mind from what has been causing your anxiety.  And as they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Turn off the news.

With so many unfortunate events such as floods and news of police brutality going around and updates on the toll of the pandemic, everything can be frustrating. As a socially connected person, the news is all over:  on the headlines on the dailies, trending on Twitter, and your favorite TV station. This can tend to increase our anxiety levels and your overall body stress. Practically, you can ban certain keywords on Twitter, and unfollow certain channels on your social media platforms. Limiting your time spent on social media and watching news will help reduce your stress levels in some way and allow your mind to process information in a way that is healthy to your mind.

Talk to Your Kids

As you can imagine, we are all trying to wrap our heads around this virus and adjusting to the new normal and for some of us it proving hard to do so. For kids, their minds are still growing and learning to adjust to this new world experience.  Talk to your children through the information in regard to the pandemic. Let them know why it is important to wash their hands and be ready to listen to their curious questions and remarks. They may miss their school friends and go out for weekend outings. Assure them constantly and help them stay connected with their friends and long-distance family on phone calls.

Talk to someone.

As the sayings go, a problem shared is a problem solved. Having someone to share your problems with is therapeutic and helps your process your feelings of anxiety and stress. In a time, where we are distanced from our friends and work colleagues who can easily turn to when you have problems, it is now more important to talk to someone. Good thing, virtual counseling is now more accessible than ever from the touch of our devices. UAP Old Mutual through our Tele counseling services is helping you connect to a counselor on  0722 626 590.

Most of all remember to be kind to yourself. You are living in a season of a global pandemic-don’t be too harsh of yourself for feeling stressed or worried about the future. Every feeling is valid. Be present for your mind and your body.






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