TravelSure - Your assurance when you travel

Travelling is perhaps one of the most affected activities, especially with the numerous lockdown and necessary COVID-19 protocol. Your safety comes first, and pairing this with a Travel Insurance to back your trips makes every moment worth looking up to.

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TravelSure - Your assurance when you travel

Whether yours was impromptu or planned, for business or leisure, it’s important to secure your travels as it helps you to shift from your comfort zone seamlessly.

Why should you get Travel Insurance?

Often, we make travel plans and hope they run smoothly. Travel insurance then comes in as a crucial part of your travel preparation; as a fall back plan to guarantee misdeeds that we hope do not occur but cannot rule out their possibility. Some of the common hiccups you might experience when traveling include:

Choose TravelSure as your Travel Partner

Getting travel insurance could be the difference between having a good time on your trip and wishing you could have stayed home making short trips to your fridge.

At UAP Old Mutual, we are a step ahead as we endeavour to protect you from costs and losses associated with traveling and especially in these COVID Times. With our TravelSure product, you can rest assured of a better experience every time you leave your home.

What does TravelSure cover?

TravelSure offers a plan that:

Is it Worth it?

Yes, and planning to get Travelsure insurance may be just what you need to get rid of worry when traveling during a pandemic season. Give yourself a break from worry, and get TravelSure.












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Old Mutual Money Market Fund Daily Yield : 7.09%  Annual Rate: 7.33%
Old Mutual Equity Fund Buying Price: 388.75  Selling Price: 388.75
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Fund Prices at 26th October 2021

Fund Name Currency Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shillings 7.09% 7.33%
Fund Name Currency Buying Price Selling Price
Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 388.75 388.75
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shillings 146.02 146.02
Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shillings 100.17 100.17

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