Why You Should Get a Critical Illness Insurance Cover- All Your Critical Questions Answered

Eliud and his wife, Lucy, are seated in a doctor’s lounge, waiting for their turn to see the doctor.

By UAP Old Mutual Life Team

You see, Eliud has been experiencing intensive stomach pains with erratic bowel movement. When he started losing weight, both he and his wife, Lucy, became concerned. It was then that she suggested they go in for a checkup.

The doctor finally walks in with the test results, and from his body language, you can tell it’s no good news. He takes a deep breath, opens up the printed results, and, informs them that Eliud has bowel cancer.

When a Critical Illness Shows Up

Critical illness can show up at the least expected time, and when it does, it is often life-changing. In most instances, the financial strain that follows worsens the experience for the affected family members, especially when the affected person is the breadwinner.

But this doesn’t have to be the case if, like Eliud, you’ve signed up for a critical illness insurance cover. Eliud has an existing medical cover, but he decided to complement his plan and cover any possibility of getting critically ill. Of course, he didn’t expect to use it, no one does, but the financial implications of treating a critical illness kept him up at night.

What illnesses are covered in our UAP Old Mutual Critical Illness Cover?

Several illnesses fall into the category of critical illnesses. This includes the following:


What will UAP Old Mutual’s Critical Illness Cover do for me?

We come in as your financial partner, helping you plan better and walking with you when you need us.  With a critical illness diagnosis, you can rely on us to:


Who is eligible for UAP Old Mutual’s Critical Illness Cover?

Our critical illness cover is available to individuals between 15-55 years and corporates (institutional persons). We offer a limit of Kshs. 15m, starting at 1m Kshs for a period of 10-55 years.

What options are available for the Critical Illness cover?

The UAP Old Mutual product covers:


What happens when you get a critical illness diagnosis?

There is a waiting period of one month before the cover kicks in, but the one-month waiting period can be waivered in emergency cases.

We may require you to seek a second opinion from our appointed doctor to confirm the diagnosis. We may also need all the accompanying diagnostic documents.

When does your cover lapse?


Should you get the UAP Old Mutual’s Critical Illness Cover

Eliud got more than what he bargained for. For one, he was assured of an insurance cover that protected his family and his finances, giving him the will to fight for his life. This plan is for you if you have dependents looking up to you. After all, no one knows when your life could change. At UAP Old Mutual, we walk steps ahead. Talk to us today, and let us hold your hand through a happier life.

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