Additional Resources

  1. Call the cops

    Report to the nearest police station at once. And while you're at it, do not accept responsibility but, inform UAP Old Mutual immediately.

  2. Document what you can

    Take details of the other vehicle, the driver and their insurance company. Also, if possible, take photographs of the accident scene.

  3. Safety first

    If there are victims with injuries, get them help ASAP! Otherwise, move to a police station.

  1. Attention to detail

    Take your time as you fill in the claim form. Enter all the details in the required fields before submitting.

  2. Involve the cops

    We always ask that you attach a police abstract as it is mandatory for the claims process.

  3. Your documents

    Please remember to attach the driving licence of the driver involved in the accident.

  1. Make a call

    You can also use the self-service to make a call in case you’re having trouble and one of our agents will talk you through it.

  2. Road-side assistance

    Use the self-service portal to request for a tow truck and, or a car hire if you get into an accident.

  3. Making Claims

    You can file claims online through the self-service portal once you’re registered.

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Old Mutual Money Market Fund Daily Yield : 5.32%  Annual Rate: 5.45%
Old Mutual Equity Fund Buying Price: 350.30  Selling Price: 350.30
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Buying Price: 145.47  Selling Price: 145.47
Old Mutual Bond Fund Buying Price: 101.92  Selling Price: 101.92

Fund Prices

Fund Prices at 18th July 2019

Fund Name Currency Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shillings 5.32% 5.45%
Fund Name Currency Buying Price Selling Price
Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 350.30 350.30
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shillings 145.47 145.47
Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shillings 101.92 101.92

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