Africa is changing every day. But what matters to her people, never will.


Every sunrise brings more stories of community heroes, unwavering support against the odds and people with a passion to help those who need it most. And every day we witness the way that people and communities across the continent overcome the impossible and work together to rewrite our shared future.

These success stories are what inspired our documentaries.
These are stories of hope, of perseverance and the sheer will to innovate, overcome and thrive in the face of challenges and adversity. Stories that demonstrate how we are here for you – and for all those who continue working for Africa, and her people’s future.



Facing the challenges of Covid-19 together

Priscabell - MalawiNurse and midwife, Priscabell Ndasauka Kalumbi is one of the many brave frontline healthcare workers in Malawi who faced the challenges of Covid-19 head on – thanks, in part, to some vital support from Old Mutual.

This is the story of Priscabell Ndasauka Kalumbi, a frontline health worker in Blantyre, Malawi. Her tale is one of commitment to her community and of bringing hope to pregnant mothers in a time when there is little to be hopeful for. With Old Mutual's help, Priscabell is rewriting her patients' futures, making her story genuinely worth sharing. 

Delivering on promises & a positive future for all

Glammy Makole shares her story as a professional nurse in South AfricaOvercoming challenges together is how we grow stronger and it’s a journey Old Mutual is proud to share with Glammy Makole, a professional nurse for over 20 years in South Africa.

Glammy Makole shares her story as a professional nurse in South Africa, as well as what it’s been like to deal with the fears, challenges and accomplishments that have come with dealing with Covid-19 in 2020. In many ways, Glammy’s story is Old Mutual’s story too and it’s a journey we’ll continue on together.


A partnership & a place to call home

Helping members of Zimbabwe’s informal sector become homeownersSee how CABS, a member of the Old Mutual Group, is working to give more people in Zimbabwe’s informal sector a roof over their heads and a place to call home – just like first-time homeowners Andrew Zireva and Tafadzwa Muchopa.

Helping members of Zimbabwe’s informal sector become homeowners is the focus of this heartwarming story. For people like Andrew Zireva and Tafadzwa Muchopa, having their own place to call home is a truly life-changing experience. With continued help from CABS, a member of the Old Mutual Group, this is a story that more Zimbabweans will be able to share in the future  

Bring your story to life and WIN

Bring your story to life and WINDo you have an authentic story to tell, but lack the resources to get started? Let us know about it, and maybe we can help.

Africa’s most captivating stories are often created by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If you believe that you have a story of hope and innovation to tell, but don’t know how to bring your vision to life, we could potentially help, plus you can win big in the process.

The prize for the competition is two (2) x R 25 000 funding per participating country. In addition, depending on entries submitted, Old Mutual will look at supporting a number of other initiatives that are related to the insurer’s Responsible Business and/or Corporate Social Responsibility focus areas. All amounts will be awarded in South African currency, or the equivalent in your preferred local currency.

How to enter: 

  • Create a 90-second video that details what your positive future looks like. You can explain it on camera, or use any creative way to tell us about your vision.
  • Publish your video on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page and make sure to tag @OldMutualSA
  • Competition closes on 02 April 2021

175-years-of-doing-great-things175 years of doing great things

After 175 years, Old Mutual has become entwined in the very fabric of our continent. This is our story, and it continues to be written every day. 

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